Fabricante de cocinas de almidón
* Comprehensive installation of glue preparation
Fabricante de cocinas de almidón
* Automatic glue circuits
Fabricante de cocinas de almidón
* Air-conditioned glue tanks
Fabricante de cocinas de almidón
* High performance glue adherence

Starch kitchen manufacturer and experts in the application of starch for corrugated cardboard and paper processes.

  • Construction, installation and automation of starch kitchens and industrial equipment.
  • Leaders in the application of chemical products in the paper and corrugated cardboard industry.
  • Current exclusive developer of Coromat starch kitchens worldwide.

We are the largest manufacturer in Europe of starch kitchens for corrugated cardboard and paper.

We provide the best assessment, development and after-sales service on the market as a starch kitchen manufacturer. At Koala Control, you will be given full service with active support for the entire starch application process and end product. When applying starch, change is the only constant. This is why Koala Control is endlessly developing updates to all its systems to offer our customers maximum efficacy and performance.

La tecnología más puntera para la fabricación de cola de almidón para cartón ondulado

State-of-the-art technology for manufacturing starch glue for corrugated cardboard

Our knowledge and more than 30 years' experience in the cardboard industry have enabled us to develop and offer the most advanced technology in the world for manufacturing starch glue for corrugated cardboard.
Desarrolladores del sistema Minocar™, el más avanzado del mundo

Developers of the Minocar™ system,
the most advanced one in the world

The Minocar™ system provides high gluing performance integrated into the Coromat equipment, thereby permitting high reproducibility to maintain the gluing properties under any condition.
Sistema de fabricación de cola Coromat, referente en el sector del cartón ondulado

Coromat glue manufacturing system,
a benchmark in the corrugated cardboard sector

The Coromat system allows glues to be manufactured in Minocar, Stein Hall, OBM and Non-carrier. At Koala Control, we offer the best system on the market, permanently updated, to always obtain the best performance.
Proveedores de los principales grupos de Europa

Suppliers to the main
groups in Europe

Koala Control is the leading supplier on the market for the main corrugated cardboard manufacturing groups and supplier to the main paper producers in Europe. Koala Control is the main supplier and technological point of reference of the greatest starch producer in the world.
Diseño y producción propia con innovación 4.0

Own design and production
with innovation 4.0

Our long-standing experience in the sector enables us to have our own technology to optimise the production of starch, based on the early detection of factors that could compromise the quality of the end product.
Cinco años de garantía en todas nuestras instalaciones de maquinaria

Five years' guarantee on all our
machinery installations

Our customers' satisfaction and peace of mind is one of our main objectives. We offer up to 5 years' guarantee on all machinery installations, as well as the best after-sales service and setting up for all our installations. We have remote connection with all our equipment.

Placing your trust in Koala Control
means placing your trust in
experience, commitment and guarantee.

In 2020, our equipment processed
more than 100,000 tonnes
of starch in Europe alone.

Comprehensive maintenance of all our plants
and spare parts served in 24 hours.

We have a remote connection with all our customers
and we offer guaranteed online backup of
all our systems to prevent shutdowns.

Starch kitchens for paper and corrugated cardboard

The leading company on the market at a European level in the development and installation of starch kitchens for corrugated cardboard. Thanks to our experience of more than 30 years, we have become specialists in equipment application, as well as product application. Our corrugated cardboard kitchens offer the possibility to produce glue with any kind of wheat, corn, tapioca or potato starch, whether modified or native. Our machines can also operate equally with clean water or water that is recovered from the process, at the same time as enabling the addition of liquid or solid additives to supplement the glue manufacturing.

Starch kitchens with the best performance to obtain the greatest yield:

Made-to-measure manufacturing

Made-to-measure manufacturing.

We provide made-to-measure installations optimised to reduce costs of automation with three levels. We adapt the size of the equipment and systems to the customer's operational needs.

Kitchens constructed using a modular, customised system

Kitchens constructed using a modular, customised system.

Always adapted to the customer's needs. The modular system enables us to adapt the glue manufacturing equipment, at any time, to the glue production needs and performances that can vary over the years. Our own software which is open and always updated.

Our own software which is open and always updated

Our own software which is open and always updated.

Our kitchens are always updated to the latest technological development. We carry out updates on starch kitchens prior to Coromat 4.0. Our software is open and is always updated with the latest novelties on the market.

Made-to-measure retrofits.

Made-to-measure retrofits.

Our retrofits offer the possibility to transform and update your current glue kitchen to a latest generation Coromat 4.0 (Minocar NG) system.

Kitchens for native or modified starch.
Kitchens for corn, wheat, potato, tapioca starch.
Standard Coromat-style kitchens (Minocar, Stein Hall, OBM and Non-carrier).
Hoppers for sacks and automatic big bag unloaders.
Starch storage silos, in steel and stainless steel, from 25 to 400 m³.
Endless screws and pneumatic transport.
Glue stock and viscosity maintenance systems.
Storage deposits of auxiliary products for glue manufacturing.
Recycled water recovery systems for glue production.
Turnkey plants.
The best technical assessment.
Daily production reports

Daily production reports.

Our systems carry out daily production reports as well as reports on the different starch consumption points. You will have full control to monitor the production.

Full automation with feedback and self-learning to obtain high gluing performance.

Full automation with feedback and self-learning to obtain high gluing performance.

Our algorithms identify, in real-time, the evolution of the glue acting in consequence, providing the system with learning feedback to maintain the quality level of the glue.

Smart remote control.

Smart remote control.

All our starch kitchens have latest generation remote control and telemetry systems. Our customers can supervise and control their glue kitchens from their mobile phone or tablet.

Fast glue change with automated dragging system to prevent mixtures.

Fast glue change with automated dragging system to prevent mixtures.

Our machines and systems enable a superfast change to streamline and optimise your glue production.

The perfect vertex at the right moment.

Market leaders as manufacturers of starch kitchens for thirty years.

At Koala Control, we are genuine specialists in starch and its application. Our 30 years of experience in the paper industry working with the leaders in glue and starch manufacturing to accompany our customers at all times.


Innovation and experience at the service of the paper and corrugated cardboard industry.

Koala Control was the original developer of the Minocar system, currently developing its latest version, the Minocar 4.0 Next Generation. Our algorithms, based on artificial intelligence, offer a learning of more than 30 years duration interpreting information about the process in real-time. With our technology and development, we can maintain high gluing performance at all times and under any conditions.


International coverage and development

We offer international coverage on all our projects and we develop tailor-made solutions for all our customers. A benchmark company in Europe for the development, installation and maintenance of starch kitchens.

We can be found in the main production companies worldwide. .

The peace of mind and the satisfaction of our customers is our DNA

At Koala Control, we work with the single aim of offering our customers complete peace of mind knowing that they will never walk alone. To do this, we offer the best guarantee and the best after-sales service that our customers deserve.

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